Quality & Safety Policy

Quality Standards

Bhimseria Agro Pvt. Ltd. maintains world-class quality standards in all areas of its operations. The company procures the best quality of paddy and processes it using state-of-the-art technology. The company has the maximum ability to mature Parboiled rice thereby ensuring quality. The experienced professionals extensively analyse the quality standards in different locations of the world and ensure that the finest quality of Parboiled rice is processed and branded by Bhimseria Agro Pvt Ltd.

Quality Control Through Procurement

We select the best of available Paddy. This is our basis of procurement.Hundreds of samples are drawn and examined for final selection.Rice thus selected is stocked in our warehouses for ageing.The record of the rice stocked in our warehouses is maintained meticulously. Grading system consists of graders installed in the different stages of milling and processing. This enables us to ensure uniformity in grain length and quality control as per standards set by us.

Rice Procurement

The first and most critical step towards total quality management is procurement of rice because we believe that milled rice as good as the paddy that is procured.We have the most proficient team and machines to test and grade the harvest for moisture content, head rice yield, percentage of broken and admixtures, and the length and breadth of the grain. Only paddy that conforms to the Modern quality standards is sent for storage and processing.

safety policy

At Bhimseria Agro Pvt. Ltd., we see sound and responsible environmental, health and safety (EHS) management as an integral part of achieving our goal to grow the value of our food businesses for our shareowners. We aim to ensure that in the course of our business activities we not only minimize our impact on the environment; but also look after the health and safety interests of our employees; in addition to seeking opportunities to improve the local environment and the communities in which we operate.

Technlogy standards

At the Bhimseria Agro Pvt. Ltd., the distinct aroma, length and colour of every separate grain is to specified standards of Steam rice. All the rice undergoes stringent quality tests before they are shipped to our esteemed customers. We ensure that every grain is fine, silky smooth and pearl white.